IP Whitelist

IP Whitelist filters requests to allow only from your own servers and reject others.

IP Whitelist is an optional but recommended feature for your account, especially for your (Production) Live Environment. It automatically filters your requests to whitelist them if they are coming from your own servers or reject them otherwise. whether the key is live or test. That means when you, for example, enable IP Whitelist for your account, you will be restricting all requests with a whitelist.

When IP Whitelist is enabled for your account, and Plutu receives an HTTP request authenticated with your access token, Plutu will validate the IP Address of this incoming request, then the request will be automatically rejected if the IP Address is not whitelisted in your IP Whitelist.

How to add an IP to the whitelist?

To add an IP to the whitelist, go to your Dashboard and visit your account Configurations > API Whitelisted IPs.

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