Plutu Laravel

Plutu Laravel is the official package that builds upon the Plutu PHP package to simplify the integration of Plutu services into Laravel applications.

To access detailed documentation and comprehensive information about Plutu Laravel, please refer to the Plutu Laravel Github repository.

Getting started


  • PHP version 8.0 or higher

  • Laravel version 9 or higher"


You can install the Plutu Laravel package via Composer by running the following command:

composer require plutu/plutu-laravel

Publish Configuration

To publish the configuration file of Plutu Laravel package, run the following command:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="PlutuLaravel\Providers\PlutuServiceProvider"

This command will publish the plutu.php configuration file to the config directory of your application.

You can then configure the package by setting the following environment variables in your .env file:


Make sure to replace your_api_key, your_access_token, and your_secret_key with your own API credentials provided by Plutu in your merchant account.

Alternatively, you can directly edit the config/plutu.php configuration file that was published to your application.


You can find examples in the package's main documentation here: Plutu PHP

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